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Angels Reach Foundation

Angels Reach Foundation is committed to assisting children with a range of abilities and needs to consistently develop their individual strengths and maximize learning and functioning potential through innovative, comprehensive and individualized treatment programs and caregiver support. Our values of excellence, integrity, compassion, dedication, determination and respect drive our unique approach to assisting caregivers in meeting their children’s challenges and reaching potentials which others may dismiss. We firmly believe “anything is possible.” 

Angels Reach Foundation - Programs


Angels Reach Foundation offers both Group and Individual Clinical Programs, year long as well as during special Summer Camps. Our unique programs group children according to individual functioning abilities to receive integrated therapies and academics. Clinical therapies include Speech/Language, Occupational, Sensory Integration, ABA/Behavior Therapy, Developmental Play, Socio-Relational, Mental Health Counseing, Cognitive Support, Pragmatics, Art and Music Therapy, Autism Movement Therapy, Performing Arts Groups, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and School Readiness. Individual one-to-one therapies are also provided within other schools and in-home. Camp programs include Therapy Intensive Groups, High Functioning/ADD/ADHD Groups, Pre-Teen/Teen Socio-Emotional Groups, Creative Expression Groups, and Gifted/Enrichment Groups.

Angels Reach Foundation - Training


A special community training program for families of special needs children offering practical, hands-on suggestions for improving eye contact, developing coregulation abilities and improving independent social interactions, helping a child enjoy changes in routines, making day to day activities into therapeutic opportunities at home or play, how to reduce family stress, and how to balance therapy, diets, siblings, and family time.

Angels Reach Foundation - Donation

Be an angel

With the support of individuals and corporations, Angels Reach has the ability to touch the hearts and change the lives of the children who study in our School. It is with great pride that we acknowledge and thank our donors and sponsors for their acts of kindness and generous support.